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Sunday Suppers Host Team

Sunday Suppers Host Team

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SNS is led each week by the Host Team. The Host Team is made up of members from Park Ridge Presbyterian Church and St. Mary's Episcopal Church. 

The Host Team makes sure everything is ready to go for our volunteers and our guests. And makes sure everything is ready for people to head home at the end of the night. 

HOst Team lead

You get a check list and an orientation script. You help the night run smoothly. You are everyone's cheerleader!


You are the friendly face people see when they arrive at SNS! You keep track of how many guests arrive so the Kitchen Team knows how many to prepare for.

Kitchen lead

You are the behind the scenes hero! You make sure the Sponsor Group finds everything they need to serve their meal. You make sure the kitchen is clean before we all head home. 

dining lead

You are the MVP. You make sure food is on the serving line and tell the guests when it is their turn to get food. You make sure the dining room is clean before we all head home. 

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