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Volunteer @sundaysupperspr

Sponsor a Meal 

Our Sunday Night meals are provided by groups who sign up in advance to prepare the food and serve dinner to our guests. We do not have drop in volunteer spots for serving dinner. You can start signing up for 2020 - 2021 dates now by contacting us at

Whole Foods Donations Program 

This is your drop in, hands on way to volunteer at Sunday Night Suppers. Volunteers arrive at 5pm to sort and assemble grocery bags from the Whole Foods donations. Around 6:15pm, volunteers begin passing out the grocery bags to guests as they leave. You can sign up to volunteer here. 

Organize a Collection for the Guests

Volunteers have found a lot of creative ways to help meet our guest's needs over the years. Collections in the past have included coats, scarves, hats, Christmas gifts and more! Do you have an idea for a collection? Contact Pastor Amanda at

Sponsor Group Timeline

4:45pm – Host Team Arrives

5:00pm – Sponsor Groups Arrive

5:30pm – Guests Arrive

5:45pm – Dining Room Opens

6:00pm – Dinner is Served

7:00pm – Dining Room Closed

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